What is a Disciple?


According to Strongs Greek dictionary, a disciple is a learner or a pupil.

From this we can say that to be saved a person does not need to be a learner or pupil but must have learned sufficiently regarding Godís Word to be able to place his or her faith in Christ for salvation.


In Christís day, His pupils or disciples had to physically follow Him and that required an extreme sacrifice. Since Christ had no home, many times He and His disciples had no where to sleep and went without food. The cost was high and many turned back. This shows us that to be a student of Christ today, we should see our learning experience as being most important! Many times Christians (believers) are not disciples which is a kin to carnality. Paul spoke of carnality when dealing with the church in Corinth. One that is a Christian has the new nature (instead of only the old nature) which should take precedence over the old nature.

(To be continued)


Note: Judas was a disciple but was lost.

The Christian is also commanded to make disciples or students of allÖ: Mat 28:19