Read Mathew's account of Christ's words in chapter 7 verses 13 & 14. Many take the popular road to life and don't bother to study the Bible (God's Word) to discover truth. This is the way that leads to destruction and Hell (lake of fire.)

On the other hand, truth must be sought after (it doesn't come easy) yet, is so simple that it is missed by many.

Truth leads to Heaven and few find the way. Continue reading to the end of the chapter paying special attention to verses 21 and 22.


Read Paul's letter to the Roman Church. Romans chapter 3 verse 23 tells us that all have sinned. In the prophet Isaiah chapter 64 verse 6 we find that "...all our righteous (good) actions are like filthy rags" when compared to God's goodness. The purpose of the 10 Commandments was to show how imperfect we are since no human has ever kept the Law except Christ. He was born of a virgin and became a man for a short time. Because He (the God-man lived a perfect sinless life, He could then die for us and raise from the dead. We must change our thinking about sin (repent) and agree with God that we are unworthy of anything but punishment in Hell and be willing to place one’s trust in Christ, believing that his shedding of blood can save us. From that point on, our life should become more like Christ's albeit not a requirement for salvation.

QUESTIONS #3, 4, &7

Read Mark chapter 16 verse 16, John chapter 1  verse 33, and John chapter 3 verse 16. Baptism is the physical symbol that shows others as a testimony of what has taken place in our heart or mind. This symbol stands for our identifying with Christ's death, burial (symbolized by immersion under the water,) and resurrection (symbolized by raising back out of the water.)

The word believe means to believe or trust God. We still sin but now realize that sin is wrong and don't continue in sin and God helps us. The believer should spend more and more time reading and studying the Bible and praying as God instructs us in His Word. In Luke chapter 13 verses 3 & 5 more instruction is given on believing. Even a murderer can trust in Christ for salvation.

QUESTION # 5 & 6

Study Luke chapter 16 verses 24 and 25 to get a glimpse of Hell. Also read Hebrews chapter 9 verse 27.

QUESTION # 8 & 9

If your religion does not teach the whole truth of the Bible and nothing else added then you are being mis-lead. LOOK FOR THE NARROW WAY- THE WAY OF TRUTH.