Text Box: God’s word teaches that:

Truth is not a what but is a Who.
Jesus Christ stated:
“I am the way and the truth and the life” (John 14:6)
In other words Christ is the physical and eternal source of truth by His very nature so that whatever He states is true and can be relied on. Truth is not relative but is absolute. Relative truth in fact is no truth at all. 
Here are a couple of examples of relative truth which are simply lies that the following individuals believe to be true because of personal stupidity and/or ignorance.
Statement made by former NY mayor Michael Bloomberg. “If there is a God or a Heaven, I will march right in and will not stop for interviews.” Everything is wrong with this statement. Firstly, anyone that is not sure there is a heaven has no clue about how to get there so they will end up in Hell. Secondly, no one marches into heaven (including the saints) except for Jesus Christ. Thirdly, no one is interviewed in Heaven. Bloomberg has a vastly elevated ego or a problem with pride. He epitomizes the unholy trinity which is me, myself, and I which shows the source of this non-truth.
 In The Denver Post on page 14A Sunday April 26, 2015 a statement made by David Kaplan (one of James Holmes’ attorneys) read, “...But, to the defense, this case isn’t just about the law. It’s about a life — one they will defend no matter how many others he extinguished. “People aren’t evil all of the time,” Kaplan said. “Most people should not necessarily be defined by the worst act they’ve ever committed.” Wow, not only is this statement a lie, but is appears that the defense attorney is just as “insane” as James Holmes. 

In contrast, Christ never told any lies while man tells lies continuously.